But FIRST coffee

San Francisco has a lot of coffee places, and really nice ones! I love coffee (as you may already know), so I appreciate discovering new tastes and flavors, but I also like pairing it with a good pastry or a nice breakfast. I recently discovered this new place called Vive la Tarte. Located in the middle of Soma, this bakery is designed as a loft, in an industrial atmosphere, which is absolutely the kind of thing that I love!oeZUux8TSdqb8T13f297Yw_thumb_42da

Why “Vive la tarte”, well I believe it’s because they have a lot of options for tarts and quiches. But I would recommend to try pretty much everything! Their pastries are delicious, especially their almond croissant!! But if you are looking for a real breakfast or something a little bit heavier, they have a lot of other options!!


San Francisco #foodies, what is your favorite coffee shop in the city?

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