My favorite latte arts

I love enjoying a good cup of coffee or a matcha tea, but I enjoy it even more when my cup comes with a beautiful latte art.

One of my favorite spot to hang out and work in San Francisco is Home Cafe. They have so many options for coffee and their latte art is spectacular! I love spending time there because they make sure to help you feel like home in their spacious contemporary coffee place.


If you are in the mood for a lavender taste (yes yes that does exist), I would recommend trying Black Point cafe. Not only their latte is gorgeous but it also taste amazing!


If you are just looking for a quick coffee to go, I have my two favorites ones in San Francisco, just because their coffee taste really good: Blue Bottle Coffee, and Sightglass Coffee. Both have multiple coffee shops in San Francisco, and their coffees are excellent!

A little more in the South, if you live or plan to go to San Jose soon, I would go and check-out this coffee shop: Voltaire Coffee House. Their bagels are very good too, and who doesn’t like a cute monster matcha latte art?


Another place I like to go to in order to enjoy a delicious cup of matcha latte is Repose Coffee Bar in San Francisco. Usually not too crowded, I just love sitting at their window while working on my stuff. It’s a bright and well located small coffee shop, I love their coffee and matcha latte art!


I haven’t tried every single coffee places in the Bay Area (not yet ha!), so I probably missed a lot of coffee shops who have talented baristas, but I have my favorites latte arts places, and I wanted to share them with you!

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