Florida Keys, Part I

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well! I am writing you today in order to share some of my favorite vacation spot! Almost twenty years ago, while I was still a child, my parents were traveling to Florida from France, and discovered the Keys quite randomly. Since that day, we have been going all together almost every year! Twenty years ago it was not really well known by tourists, and things were not as developed as they are now. Between you and I this is how I preferred it, but things change right? Most people know Key West when we talk about the Keys, but with my family we mostly spend our time around Islamorada, just because our main activity is fishing, snorkeling, and renting a boat to be on the ocean most of the day.


It is hard to find real beaches in the Keys, unless you stay at a hotel or rent a house, which is what I would recommend you to do! I have great addresses for house renting, feel free to send me a message to connect! This year we rented a house from a friend in Islamorada. I love the style of their houses in the Keys, so unique, and colorful!!


Like I said before, we rent a boat everyday to go out in the Ocean and enjoy the beautiful and clear water! Most people go to the Keys to go sport fishing,  so I recommend renting from Robbie’s if you are looking for a quick and easy renting spot! It’s also a nice place to stop at because they offer other activities and the restaurant has good food!



I will continue to share some addresses such as hotels and restaurants in my next posts, so stay tuned!

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