Florida Keys, part II. A day in Key West

Hello everyone! After sharing with you my experience in Islamorada, in the Florida Keys, I wanted to talk about my experience in Key West! I just stayed for one day, but we tried different restaurants and walked for hours to visit this city as much as we could!! Key West is very different than the rest of the Keys! The vibe, the atmosphere, and the activities are different. If you are looking to party, enjoy some great food and drinks, Key West might be for you. It’s a super cute city, where you can find great restaurants, listen to awesome music in bars, and enjoy the beaches!


But first, let’s talk about their houses!! I was amazed by the architecture of their homes, especially in the historic district. Indeed, Key West has many colonial houses that makes this city so unique and pretty!


As you may know, the famous American novalist, and journalist Ernest Hemingway had a house in Key West. It is today a museum that you can visit. I did visit it when I was younger, so this time I just passed through this beautiful colonial house.


I highly recommend walking through Duval Street in Key West. This is the most commercial and active street you will find in the area. Full of bars, and restaurants, you will also find beautiful art galleries, and pretty shops, perfect for souvenirs hunters!



Key West is also really well known because it is where the US 1 starts or ends (depending on how you see it). The US 1 runs 2,369 miles, it is the longest road in the United States! So why not taking a picture with this famous “Mile 0”.


When it comes to food, this is what I would recommend!! If you are looking for authentic, local food, I would try Key West Conch Fritters! Literally the best conch fritters I ever had!!! These Bahamian style conch fritters are little balls of conch snail meat fried!! DELICIOUS!


If you want to try some cuban food, because yes, let’s face it, we are not far from Cuba! I tried this place and did not regret it: Cuban Coffee Queen!! I got the Havana Rice and Beans sandwich, and it was a real treat!! I finished my meal with a cuban coffee, an iced Cafe con Leche, and this tasted like caramel, soooo good!


Finally, nobody leave Key West without a piece of Key Lime Pie! For this I would recommend trying Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe After trying different Key lime pie in the Keys, I really believe this one is the best I got!!



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