Places to eat in Islamorada, Keys

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great week so far! Some people asked me where to eat in Islamorada, and its surroundings! Well I have some of my favorites addresses, that I want to share with you guys! Don’t hesitate if you have some questions!

We have tried many places to eat breakfast, and the one we prefer by far is Bob’s Bunz


The cosy feel of this place, and the amazing staff members make this restaurant a joy to start your day with!! I highly recommend their french toasts, as well as their omelettes for breakfast! But this place is also well known for their cinnamon rolls, and their key lime pies!


When it comes to lunch, we usually like to cook our own meat and fish but when we feel like going out we like to go to Robbie’s


If you guys remember from a previous post, I explained that we usually rent our boat from this place, so nothing better than having a late lunch there after a nice and long road trip on the boat!


I recently discovered another place in a nice hotel, that I really enjoyed for lunch or diner, called Oltremare located at the Amara Cay Resort.


If you are looking for a fine restaurant with a beautiful view and an unique experience, I highly recommend going to Pierre’s or if you want to have a cocktail or just lunch, you can go to their beach café, called Morada Bay.


Finally, if you are more looking to hangout, and have a nice cocktail I recommend these places, the tiki bar at the Cheeca Lodge hotel, for their exotic cocktails, as well as Oo-Tray for their Whiskey bar!!


One more thing, if you are craving for some cookies, please try the ones from the Trading Post, you won’t be disappointed!!!


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