Delicious Korean/Asian spot in the Marina

One of my latest address that I recommend for you is Chubby Noodle in the Marina district of San Francisco. I believe this restaurant is located in other neighborhoods of San Francisco, but I personally tried this one, and I will share my experience in this particular restaurant!


I went to Chubby Noodle on a Saturday, and got the opportunity to try their breakfast menu. I liked the style of it, and enjoyed watching the cooks preparing the food from behind the glass windows! During the weekend they offer this particular deal, where you have 90 minutes to eat everything you want from the menu for 39$, which includes certain drinks as well. If you are not a “all you can eat” type of person, you can come during the week, and order from their regular menu! I have never been a big fan of all you can eat restaurants, but this one was a great surprise because everything was delicious!


Although the music is a little bit too loud for me, the food was amazing, and going during the weekend gave with the opportunity to try a lot of items from the menu! The staff members were super friendly, and gave me great advice regarding the food! My favorite by far was the breakfast jook bowl, and the korean porc tacos!!


2 thoughts on “Delicious Korean/Asian spot in the Marina

  1. I aged! Food is scrumptious …… but the loud music is annoying! The other chubby location is on grant st. in north beach…….the owner also owns Dom Pistos 👍


    1. Oh yes I have never been to the other place! And thanks for the tip about Dom Pistos! Good to know 😉
      I will need to try! You are right though, the noise and the music is pretty loud!!


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