A French touch in San Francisco: Le Marais Bakery & Bistro

Hello everyone! How is your week so far? Today I wanted to share another great sport in San Francisco with you, especially for the ones who love pastries and French viennoiseries. I got the opportunity to go to Le Marais Bakery & Bistro this week, and I wanted to share my experience with you! As you may know, Le Marais Bakery is a boulangerie influenced by French traditions. They recently opened another shop in a great location of San Francisco, the Castro district ! Originally located in the Marina district of San Francisco, they also have a small shop at the Ghirardelli Square, near Fisherman.


As soon as I opened the blue pastel doors of Le Marais Bakery & Bistro, I loved the restaurant for its French touch, the colors they chose, the atmosphere, and the brightness of the place!!


I wanted to order everything as their pastries looked amazing and the smell of warm viennoiseries reminded me of the Boulangeries I went to in Paris. I have to say, it’s been really hard to find real authentic French food in San Francisco, and the Bay Area. Le Marais Bakery did a really good job making me feel like home. By the way, the place was full of French couples, so I was probably not the only feeling like I was in France for a few seconds..

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I have been to their location in the Marina in the past, and I have had the opportunity to taste their regular croissant, as well as different items from their lunch menu. But this time I chose to go with some of my  favorite pastries. After hesitating between several delicacies, I finally decided to try their “pain au chocolat” (a must try for me), their molten chocolate cake, and some macaroons.


Their chocolate croissant was perfectly done, like the ones I could eat in France.  They were fluffy, soft,  and there was a real balance with the chocolate inside. Their molten chocolate cake was “dangerous”, as I wanted to buy more, and couldn’t stop eating, and their macaroons were very tasty and had unique flavors!


I plan to go back soon, but this time I will try their Brunch menu, and get some of my favorites! Let me know if you went!



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