Brunch in the heart of Castro

Hello everyone, bonjour les amis! I hope you are having a great week so far, and I hope that you have great plans for the upcoming long weekend! If you had the opportunity to read my previous post about this beautiful place, Le Marais Bakery then you already know all about their fresh and delicious pastries and viennoiseries! But today I got the chance to try another unique and delicate French pastry, the Kouign-Amann, originally from Douarnenez, in Brittany, France. Le Marais Bakery offers several flavors, and I decided to go with chocolate, why not right? Oh my god, it’s a MUST try if you haven’t already done so!!


Today I specifically wanted to try their brunch, especially because I have a preference for salty dishes, so I went back, now that their brunch and lunch menu is available at their new location, in the Castro!! I have to say, Le Marais Bakery is definitely one of my favorite spots in San Francisco!! This bistro is so bright and cosy, it makes you want to stay all day long!


As I said in a previous post, le Marais Bakery makes you feel like you are in France. First of all, the menu is in French (with a translation of course), and the viennoiseries are exactly like the ones you would find where I grew up! They have many options for brunch and lunch, from original tartines, to different choices of “Croques Monsieurs”, as well as delicious dishes, sandwiches and salads! But I chose to get something different as I was curious to try their “breakfast board” that is composed of several items that you can choose.  I decided to go with the butter croissant (so fluffy), the fried egg, the smoked salmon, as well as their choice of seasonal fruits, to finally finish with a green touch, fresh avocado. I was amazed by the freshness of their ingredients, and how delicious everything tasted!


Again, if I have one recommendation for you: come and try by yourself! This café-bistro will make you feel like you are traveling to Europe for a few hours. They will serve you with kindness and professionalism, and everything is fresh and delicious!! But if you have to ask a French person (that would be me) what’s the best, I would say that my absolute favorite of all time is their chocolate croissant, butter croissant, their Kouign-Amann, and… well… Pretty much everything! Ha!


And you? What do you prefer?







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