Colorful, and healthy spot in LA

Hello everyone! How was your four-day weekend? I hope you had a blast for the 4th of July! Personally, I decided to drive to Los Angeles, for a last minute road trip adventure! I have been to the City of Angels several times, so I have a better sense of where to go, and what to do. However, it feels like LA always open new spots, as well as new trendy restaurants, so, by not living here, I feel like its always changing! This time I discovered a new spot to eat, that I recommend especially for brunch! This restaurant has been around for a long time, but was renovated and upgraded in 2015. If you are looking for healthy, organic options in a bohemian chic atmosphere, in the heart of Venice, this place is just the right choice for you!


Rose café & restaurant is located on Rose avenue, in Venice. This neighborhood hangout is beautiful both inside and outside! They also have two gorgeous patios, it is just the right place to relax and hide from the heat while enjoying some outdoors tables.


We tried different dishes during our Brunch, and everything tasted amazing! What I really enjoyed was the vegetarian and vegan options, and the fact that pretty much everything is organic! I got the grain bowl with salmon, and I loved my dish! We also tried their back yard burger, very tasty and fresh!


Rose cafe is not just a restaurant, they also offer food to go, such as pastries and tartines.


Any other spot you recommend in Los Angeles?


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