Street arts, beaches, Venice you are my favorite!

Post in English and French! Hello everyone! A new week has started, and I wish you good luck if you are working! I wanted to share another post about my last visit in Los Angeles, in particular some of the places I liked the most while I visited the city of Angels! I hope this will give you some ideas and guidance if you decide to visit LA!

Salut les amis, je me suis dit que j’allais partager avec vous des adresses, et certains de mes endroits préférés à Los Angeles, en espérant que cela facilite votre visite. 

IMG_1717 2.jpg

I have found myself enjoying Venice so much because its a combination of amazing food on Abbott Kinney, street arts everywhere you go, a gorgeous beach, awesome bars, and its near pretty much everything. Venice est un des mes quartiers préférés! C’est relativement grand, et contrairement à ce que beaucoup croient, cela va au delà de la fameuse plage de Venice Beach, aussi appelé le Beach Boardwalk, plusieurs rues et quartiers se croisent qui ont leur propre univers au sein même de Venice. 

I would definitely start by visiting Venice Beach boardwalk, where you can enjoy artists, streets vendors, and talented performers. You will find live music, tattoos artists, and dancers performing for you! 


Venice is also about its beach. Beautiful white and long beach, with beautiful palm trees! Also, they recently displayed flags from all around the world on the beach, and that was super fun during the weekend of the 4th of July! I would recommend to stop by, and why not getting a picture with the flag of the country you come from, or maybe relate to?  

La plage de Venice est tout simplement superbe! Arrêtez vous quelques instants pour admirer ce contraste entre la plage, les superbes maisons au bord de l’eau, les palmiers, le skate park, et le boardwalk. Venice Beach est aussi connectée à d’autres plages telle que Santa Monica ou Marina Del Rey. Au centre de tout, vous pouvez facilement y passer une journée entière juste à marcher le long de l’eau et prendre des photos!

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I would recommend going on Abbot Kinney (which is still part of Venice), to get some food, and enjoy their beautiful stores. This is by far one of my favorite neighborhood in Los Angeles. In a previous post, I shared my experience in one of the greatest restaurant on Abbot Kinney, go check it out here!

Si vous cherchez à faire des magasins un peu tendance, classe, et hyper branché je vous conseille le quartier Abbot Kinney qui est au coeur de Venice, à Los Angeles. Un quartier exceptionnel pour vivre, y boire un café, ou même manger dans les nouveaux restaurants hype de la ville! J’en parle également ici.


Venice is also about its street arts, and its everywhere you go! 


And you? Where do you guys go when you visit Los Angeles? Which beach do you hangout at?

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