From San Francisco to Paris

Hello, bonjour everyone! I hope you had a beautiful summer! I haven’t been around so much lately because I traveled a lot in the past few weeks, but here I am now! This time it is from Paris that I am writing this post, I plan to share with you my favorite places, neighborhoods, and some good addresses in the next posts! As you all know by now, I was born in Paris, and I moved to San Francisco five years ago. Even if I love California, its landscape, the lifestyle, and the people over there, I miss Paris very much! I miss the French culture, the beautiful streets of Paris, the architecture, and of course the food!! I am here for more than three weeks, and I already tried for you many bakeries, restaurants, and of course bistros! 


I usually like to start my day from home with fresh bakeries, bread, and fresh viennoiseries chosen in regular boulangeries near my house. But my absolute favorite boulangerie in Paris is Le Grenier à Pain, well known for its perfectly cooked baguette, and other delicious bakeries. 


Even industrial home goods can be really good! If you have the opportunity to try the brand “Bonne Maman“, you will be surprised to discover delicious madeleines, and several other great cookies. 


Because I don’t live in Paris anymore, I bought a lot of macaroons (my favorite as you know)! You will find excellent macarons in France, but I recommend two places in particular, La Durée, and of course, the best of the best, Pierre Hermé!!


Stay tuned for more addresses and good spots in Paris!



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