A perfect day on l’Ile Saint-Louis, Paris

Bonjour les amis! 

I am back in San Francisco, and I have to say, I already miss France a lot! Even if California has many treasures, there is something about Paris that I haven’t found anywhere else yet. How could I define this? Maybe a mixed of beauty, history, romance, good food, amazing culture, fashion, and aesthetics. Not that we cannot find these components somewhere else, but there is something magical about Paris.

I wanted to write this post to discuss my difficulties as a “French expat” maybe experienced by others, while sharing with you some pictures of l’Ile Saint-Louis, probably my favorite spot in the city.


Is is never easy to live so far away from our family and our friends, and even harder to find the same attachment and relationship style that we created during our childhood, early adulthood. Also, the difference of culture is so huge from Europe to America, there is a real change in the way we interact with people, the way we use humor, the way we talk about things. All these challenges make it complicated to find a balance when we live in a different country from where we grew up in. What is your experience?


While talking about Paris, let me tell you about my favorite place in that city. L’Ile Saint- Louis is the most romantic, charming, and unique neighborhood as far as I am concerned. I could walk near la Seine for hours, looking at the boats, the pretty bistros, the architecture of the buildings, and of course getting an ice cream from the famous Berthillon store. I also had the opportunity to eat at the café Saint- Régis for a delicious croque madame, and I highly recommend it!


Well, but don’t get me wrong, I love living in California! I got the chance to learn a different culture, a different language, meet amazing people full of love, kindness and tolerance, and get to know one of the most beautiful and charming city in the United States, San Francisco! Stay tuned for more posts about Paris!

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