A few ideas of bistros in Paris

Last August, while I was in Paris, I tried many bistros/brasseries. I met a lot of my friends during their lunch break and as you guys probably already know, in France, people’s lunch time is quite long and precious so I enjoyed many great moments with my family and friends. For you I gathered some of my favorites addresses!

The first one, without any hesitation, is East Mama. I actually recommend trying all the restaurants that are part of the Big Mama group, they have 6 beautiful trattorias spread out in Paris, all with different specialties and a different atmosphere. But we aware of the long line outside, so come early!


Another great moment that I had was in a traditional Parisian bistro that offers authentic French food: L’essentiel in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. Everything was particularly excellent!


My grandparents live in the 7th arrondissement, a part of Paris not really popular but super pretty! As I visited my grandparents a lot, I got the opportunity to try the restaurants in this area, these are the two that I recommend:

Le Bistro de Maëlle et Augustin


Le Bistro de Gaspard


Well I have a lot more to share, you can also visit my Instagram page @fromparistosf for more tips! Let me know if you guys want a list of my favorites restaurant and bakeries in Paris. 

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