A Parisian in Boston, part I

As you may already know if you follow me on the social medias,  I was in Europe for three weeks, and my return to California was scheduled on September 15th. But my husband organized me a huge surprise for my birthday. Instead of going back home in San Francisco, we stopped half way in a beautiful and charming city situated on the East Coast: Boston!


I had never been to Boston before, and I was astonished by its charming and unique architecture. A mixed of English influence, New England buildings, modernism, colonial style, and victorian houses, Boston is full of history, and has a real heritage. While walking in the streets you may change from one style to another, from a more charming, romantic neighborhood, to a more modern and structured district.

My absolute favorite part of Boston was Beacon Hill situated behind the golden dome of the state house. A historic community surrounded by parks and little cute shops offering a cosy and classy atmosphere. Beacon Hill is probably Boston’s most picturesque area, a must see if you visit this city!


Let’s stay in Beacon Hill for a little while and let me tell you where to eat if you find yourself in this area!

For breakfast and Brunch I have chosen two places for you that were particularly delicious!

I loved everything in this cosy little coffee spot. From their delicious coffee, their well baked pastries, as well as their brunch menu!


If you are looking for a real American breakfast, well in other words if your thing is pancake, fluffy french toast, and delicious omelette then it’s the place to go!




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