My top 5 places to Brunch in Manhattan

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? It’s been a little while since my last post, I have been traveling a lot again. This time I went to New York City, and I gathered great adresses for you! It was my first time in New York, yes yes you heard it right, the first time, and this city blew my mind! It felt like Manhattan was constantly in action, the traffic, the people in the street, it seemed like the city was never asleep. I have to say, New York City is quite overwhelming. Coming from Paris I thought I knew what a rush meant, but honestly its nothing compared to NYC! Regarding food and bars, Manhattan is the place to go to though! I gathered a few addresses for you for brunch and lunch!

The first day we started with a light but delicious breakfast from a cosy and cute little restaurant called maman in Soho. The pastries were really good, and their little shop was so pretty! They have multiple ones in Manhattan, but I particularly loved their outdoor terrace in Soho. 


The next day, as I was walking through the streets of Manhattan, I encountered this pretty coffee shop, which became one of my favorite addresses for healthy and tasty food! Two Hands is an Australian restaurant located in Nolita. It is bright and modern, and really pretty. I loved hanging out there. They have gluten free, as well as vegetarian options that gives options for everyone who wants to eat there. 


If you have read one of my previous posts about Los Angeles, you probably already know how much I loved the Butcher’s Daughter restaurant. Their food and their bohemian chic design make you want to stay there all day long. Well, I found out that they have two restaurants in NYC, so I couldn’t help it, I had to try! Again, delicious food and great healthy options!


Another great address that I would definitely recommend is the Egg Shop. If you are a egg lover, like me, you need to go! I particularly enjoyed their poached egg avocado with pulled pork, yummy!


Finally, the last day we went to a place that everyone recommended, Freemans. The restaurant is located at the end of a small alley in the Lower East Side of NYC. It is actually a house with a very unique atmosphere. Each room has its own decoration with a different rustic feeling. I loved everything in this restaurant, I would definitely go back!



4 thoughts on “My top 5 places to Brunch in Manhattan

    1. Haha, attend je prépare un autre article sur Brooklyn! J’ai adoré surtout grâce à toi, car tu m’as donné des supers conseils! Mais j’y ai passé qu’une journée, donc j’ai pas pu tout faire! Obliger d’y retourner 😉


    1. Ohhh merci beaucoup!!!! C’est adorable!!!! Je t’envois aussi un email très vite avec qq adresses pour la Floride (semaine prochaine max)


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