From Manhattan to Brooklyn

One of my favorite day in NYC was the one I spent walking 12km (7miles) from the financial district of Manhanttan, Wall Street, to Brooklyn. That day I discovered another part of New York, and spent my afternoon wandering around the different neighborhoods of Brooklyn. I wanted to share that day with you, as well as the pictures of the beautiful architecture that surrounded me at all time.


I started my Saturday by walking through Wall Street, and its business center. I felt so small surrounded by these huge buildings all around me. I decided to see the beautiful and unique Oculus shopping Mall that I heard so much about, and I have to say, its architecture is quite original! I have never seen a station, or anything like this place before. Also, on the third floor of this unique shopping mall, you will find Eataly, now my favorite Italian marketplace in the United States!


That day I had planed to visit the World Trader Center and its memorial. I will just say that the memorial is terribly emotional, I personally had a hard time finishing the visit. I still feel the emotion and the terror while writing these lines, that I could feel while I was walking in the 9/11 memorial… 


I started my long journey to Brooklyn by crossing its beautiful Bridge. Well, I made the mistake of going on a weekend, which made it hard to appreciate its beauty or even take a picture, but honestly its worth going, its just gorgeous! Also, there is a beautiful view of Manhattan, and the buildings of Wall Street.


I LOVED discovering Brooklyn! I would actually call it the new trendy of New York! Many neighborhoods such as Dumbo, or even Williamsburg are hipster chic districts with many great restaurants and bars to hangout at. A friend of mine used to live their for many years and nicely recommended places to go to. I unfortunately couldn’t spend more than a day un Brooklyn, but it was by far my favorite part of New York!

Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights has a beautiful trail along the water, it was really pretty. 


My absolute favorite was Williamsburg with its famous Smorgasburg Prospect Park where a huge market, full of food trucks from all around the world, come to sell their delicious food. It is a seasonal outdoor foodie market on Saturdays! Nothing more exciting for a foodie lover like me, right? I didn’t even know how to start, and where to start, there were too many options haha! It is now closed for the season, but check their website for other locations and days.


As my husband is a huge fan of vinyls, we found THE place to go to in Williamsburg! Amazing record store called Rough Trade


Finally, we finished our day at Buschwick in order to see the street arts. There is a lot more to see in Brooklyn, but this will be for my next visit in NYC.


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