My three favorite events in December

Hi guys, I hope you had a wonderful month of December, and that you are ready for some time off, and for the holidays! This time I wanted to share with you my top three events that I got the opportunity to attend in December in San Francisco and the Bay!

The first one was a few weeks ago, I got the chance to try out the Greek wines Georgós, by NuGreek Wine, Sonoma County! I was nicely invited for a wine tasting, and got two beautiful bottles in the mail! I have to say, I was new to this brand, and more than excited to try some samples. I always like to pair a good wine to a homemade dish, and I am a big fan of red wines! The reason why I wanted to share this experience with you it is because I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the wine I tried. In fact, I highly recommend their reds for the holidays coming up! I particularly loved the Cabernet Sauvignon Ithaka 2014! The wine was a full-bodied red, smooth, with some earthy notes. I was happy to learn that they use organic production methods, and their grapes are 100% non- GMO! So try it and let me know what you think!


My second event, and I have to say my favorite one (because of my French roots I guess), was the visit of Mademoiselle Colette’s production factory. This pastry shop is already in two different locations in the Bay Area, and I love LOVE their pastries and viennoiseries! I was nicely welcomed by their Executive Chef, Orphée Fouano, who introduced me to part of his amazing team, and shared with me his passion, the company’s values, and the story of this unique pastry shop. I invite you to check their website to learn more about how it all started with the owner, Debora Ferrand. As soon as Mr. Fouano talked about the story of Mademoiselle Colette, I was amazed and really impressed by the passion behind everything they do, the perfection, and the aesthetic of their work, as well as the quality of the products they use. Indeed, they use the chocolate Valrhona (one of the best French premium chocolate manufacturer) for their pastries and viennoiseries, which make them so unique and delicious! I got the opportunity to try several of their pastries and in exclusivity their Bûche de Noel. I highly recommend it, it is by far my favorite this year, so delicate, rich, and it really combines all the flavors you are looking for at Christmas!


Finally, the third event I was invited to was organized by another Instagram foodie @peachonomics. This pop-up event, in collaboration with different food brands, offered a taste of a creative and delicious yogurt parfait made of fresh fruits, and healthy ingredients! We had so much fun learning how to create a parfait, and so much fun meeting other foodies from the Bay Area!




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