Beautiful Yosemite in Winter

Hey everyone, I hope that you had a nice weekend, and that you are staying dry with this heavy rain hitting the Bay Area. I just came back from a very relaxing and beautiful roadtrip to Yosemite. While a lot of people like to visit this National Park during Spring and Summer, I wanted to see a different angle of this beautiful, and natural site. So let me share this discovery with you.


Regarding our stay, we decided to sleep a little bit outside of the Park, but still very close, less than 5 minutes away. I stayed at the Rush Creek Lodge that opened one year ago, so it offered a modern feeling, and clean amenities. Perfect timing to enjoy their warm pool, and hot Jacuzzi at night. I really liked this hotel, and I plan to stay again if I ever want to visit Yosemite at a different time. We had breakfast and dinner at their different restaurants, and the food was pretty good, especially their flatbreads. 


There are so many trails at Yosemite, I couldn’t do half of them in a single weekend. But one moderate trail that I really enjoyed, that will take you approximately three hours to accomplish (roundtrip), was the Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall. At the end of this trail you get to see two gorgeous and unique waterfalls, as well as a scenery of the Merced River, and great views across Yosemite Valley. Yes, the hike becomes a little bit more complicated and strenuous when you get to the Mist trail, as you have to climb all these stairs to get to the top of each waterfalls. I think we got lucky because I heard that some part of these trails could be closed in the winter due to falling ice and rocks. But the weather has been quite warm lately so no snow so far. 


I just liked everything about Yosemite. I enjoyed the rides we did in our car, looking at the gorgeous scenery, going from Sequoia trees, to Pine trees, to Granite cliffs, to Waterfalls. I also enjoyed walking around, on easy trails, just to enjoy the nature around me. Going during the Winter was a gamble, because if it rains a lot some trails might be closed or just more complicated to finish. We did get some rain, but not that much. As far as I am concerned, I enjoyed coming in January, the colors were beautiful, we enjoyed an early sunset on the top of the mountains, and the cold brought a magical touch to the whole scenery.  Depending on your level and what you want to do, I would recommend checking their website , and looking in depth at their different trails so that you feel prepared and informed before engaging into one. 




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