My top #3 favorites during SF restaurant week.

Hey guys, I hope that you are doing fine! I’m back with a new article regarding San Francisco’s Restaurant Week. As you know, every year multiple cities in the United States participate to this great event, called Restaurant Week. During a limited time period, some restaurants offer a prix-fixe menu for lunch or dinner, or both. This year, San Francisco’s restaurant week was held during the week of January 22nd and January 31st, and more than 130 restaurants in the Bay participated. This is a huge opportunity for people to try out fancy or expensive restaurants for a cheaper price. Restaurants often present their best dishes, or offer a new feature item for us to try out. I think it is a great way to discover new restaurants, but also try out the ones that we would usually reserve for important events. Well I have tried many this year, and three were by far my favorite culinary experience during the 2018 SF Restaurant Week. 

#1. Flour and Water

I have been wanting to go to Flour and Water, Italian restaurant for so long, and I took this opportunity to try out their pasta degustation menu. 


My two favorite dishes on the menu were probably the winter squash tortelli with hazelnut and sage brown butter, and the black pepper tonnarelli with smoked trumpet mushrooms, cured yolk and pecorino. A real delight! A delicious and sophisticated dish with many flavors. 


The final touch of this six course menu was their original and unique persimmon sorbetto with poppyseed cookie crumble.


#2. The Alembic

I had been to The Alembic before for drinks, as they are well known for their creative, handcrafted, and delicious cocktails. But what a surprize when I discovered their inventive and delicious menu. I also had the honor to get introduced to their very talented executive chef, Rachel Aronow. The menu was incredible, the portions were just the right size, and everything tasted so good. I highly recommend this place, and I heard they started a Brunch menu too!


#3 Spruce

This restaurant is known for their delicate, sophisticated, and fine food. Spruce is a one Michelin Star restaurant, and has been offered multiple awards. I had never been before, because, as many I believe, I was waiting for the right opportunity. I loved their menu, especially their duck confit, as well as their famous burger, a truly delicious meal.


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