Where to get French crêpes in SF

Hi everyone! I hope that you are doing well! I wanted to write you this post to follow-up on a question that many of you have asked me on social media. As a matter of fact, some of you have questioned me about where to find good buckwheat crepes in San Francisco, also called Galette Bretonne in France. If some of you might wonder what a buckwheat galette is, well, to make it simple it is a savory type of crêpe that looks like a large pancake, darker than a traditional sweet crêpe, associated with the region of Brittany in France. Here is more information about what buckwheat really is.

If you are still looking for great buckwheat Brittany galettes I may have found a solution for you! Maudet’s crêpe is a French artisan crêpe maker that bakes daily fresh crêpe batter with organic and natural ingredients. Her recipe is the one from Brittany, France, and she offers both sweet and savory (buckwheat) crêpes. Her galettes are available online here, as well as in certain shops in the city. So far, Maudet’s crêpes are available at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco, Piedmont Grocery in Oakland, Monterrey Market, and Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley. 


I have tested them for you, and I really loved them! The taste is truly similar to the ones you may find in France! I have to say, I was really happy to be able to get Buckwheat crêpe so easily in the Bay Area!  So, how should you eat them? Well, the sweet ones may be paired with anything you like such as fruits, chocolate, ice cream, sugar, butter, etc. I personally enjoy them warm with some melted butter and sugar inside. But my absolute favorite is a homemade Abricot jam.


As far as the buckwheat galette is concerned, I personally love the ones we call the “complète” in France. It usually contains some cheese (Swiss or other), French ham, and an egg, but you can definitely add anything you may enjoy in a galette such as mushrooms, tomatoes, salmon, sausages etc.


Try them if you get a chance, and let me know what you think!

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