One street, three restaurants, three styles

Hey guys, I’m back with a great address that I would like to share with you! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my last visit for a food tasting at Homies Bis, a really original tapas fusion restaurant, with great cocktails and a warm and cosy atmosphere!


Homies has actually three restaurants, all placed in the same street, in the Marais, my favorite neighborhood in Paris! YES YES, you heard it right, three restaurants with different food and different styles in one single street! The third spot, called “Magnum” just opened a few days ago, and I heard their grand opening was a huge success! I have only tasted Homies Bis so far, but my experience with them was so positive that I plan to try out their other restaurants next time I visit Paris.


As soon as I entered Homies Bis, I loved the atmosphere! I was warmly welcomed by the staff members, and the decoration was really relaxing, which makes you want to stay and hangout with your friends all night long. We were greeted with a fruit cocktail, super refreshing for a summer night. 


I had the privilege to try out different dishes, all Libanese and Peruvian inspired Tapas. Every plate was well presented, colorful, and very original. I chose to try the ceviche, it was really tasty and refreshing. I particularly loved the grilled octopus, really well cooked with original spices to enhance the flavors. 


I would recommend ordering two to three tapas per person. The portions are not small, but some dishes are lighter than others. A huge highlight of this food tasting was the desert. I ordered the chocolate ganache, served with red fruits, and sesame, and it was DELICIOUS!!


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