San Francisco, you are so pretty

Salut les amis, j’espère que vous allez bien et que votre été se passe comme vous le souhaitez. Cette fois ci je voulais faire un petit article en Français pour vous parler de San Francisco et son charme unique. Comme je vous l’ai dis auparavant, ne pouvant pas travailler pour le moment, j’en profite pour… Continue reading San Francisco, you are so pretty

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A Michelin star experience

Hi everyone, I hope that you are doing well! I wanted to talk to you today about my recent experience eating at a one Michelin star restaurant in the Bay Area. As you know, I am a foodie, a food lover, but I am also really passionate about delicate, fine, and aesthetic food.  I have… Continue reading A Michelin star experience

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Street arts, beaches, Venice you are my favorite!

Post in English and French! Hello everyone! A new week has started, and I wish you good luck if you are working! I wanted to share another post about my last visit in Los Angeles, in particular some of the places I liked the most while I visited the city of Angels! I hope this… Continue reading Street arts, beaches, Venice you are my favorite!