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From San Francisco to Paris

Hello, bonjour everyone! I hope you had a beautiful summer! I haven't been around so much lately because I traveled a lot in the past few weeks, but here I am now! This time it is from Paris that I am writing this post, I plan to share with you my favorite places, neighborhoods, and… Continue reading From San Francisco to Paris

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A Michelin star experience

Hi everyone, I hope that you are doing well! I wanted to talk to you today about my recent experience eating at a one Michelin star restaurant in the Bay Area. As you know, I am a foodie, a food lover, but I am also really passionate about delicate, fine, and aesthetic food.  I have… Continue reading A Michelin star experience

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Colorful, and healthy spot in LA

Hello everyone! How was your four-day weekend? I hope you had a blast for the 4th of July! Personally, I decided to drive to Los Angeles, for a last minute road trip adventure! I have been to the City of Angels several times, so I have a better sense of where to go, and what… Continue reading Colorful, and healthy spot in LA

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Brunch in the heart of Castro

Hello everyone, bonjour les amis! I hope you are having a great week so far, and I hope that you have great plans for the upcoming long weekend! If you had the opportunity to read my previous post about this beautiful place, Le Marais Bakery then you already know all about their fresh and delicious pastries… Continue reading Brunch in the heart of Castro

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A French touch in San Francisco: Le Marais Bakery & Bistro

Hello everyone! How is your week so far? Today I wanted to share another great sport in San Francisco with you, especially for the ones who love pastries and French viennoiseries. I got the opportunity to go to Le Marais Bakery & Bistro this week, and I wanted to share my experience with you! As… Continue reading A French touch in San Francisco: Le Marais Bakery & Bistro

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My #1 favorite Bakery/Boulangerie in SF

Hello everyone! Bonjour, j'espère que vous allez bien! (English version below). Alors aujourd'hui je vais faire un petit article que je traduirais en anglais également histoire de partager avec plus de personnes. J'ai eu envie de faire cet article car depuis que j'habite aux Etats-Unis mes amis Américains mais aussi Français veulent absolument savoir une… Continue reading My #1 favorite Bakery/Boulangerie in SF

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Butterscotch Pudding

Bonjour tout le monde! Aujourd'hui je voulais partager avec vous une de mes découvertes sucrées! Je ne sais pas vous, mais moi je suis beaucoup plus "salé", donc je vais plus facilement choisir le plateau fromage face à la touche sucrée de fin de repas. Mais, comme j'adore cuisiner et découvrir, j'ai tendance à inventer… Continue reading Butterscotch Pudding


A weekend in Santa Cruz

Hi everyone, I hope you all had an amazing weekend! On my end, I got really lucky, because the weather was just perfect in the Bay Area! But let's be honest, it is hard, quite impossible to lie down on the beach in San Francisco, unless its really hot that day! Don't get me wrong, it… Continue reading A weekend in Santa Cruz


Des Pâques en couleurs

Bonjour à tous et joyeuses pâques!! J'espère que vous avez tous passé un bon weekend, que ce soit en mangeant trop de chocolat, en cherchant les oeufs de pâques dans votre maison/jardin, ou tout simplement en passant un bon moment en famille. Vivant aux Etats-Unis les traditions sont un peu différentes ici, du coup j'ai… Continue reading Des Pâques en couleurs

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My favorite latte arts

I love enjoying a good cup of coffee or a matcha tea, but I enjoy it even more when my cup comes with a beautiful latte art. One of my favorite spot to hang out and work in San Francisco is Home Cafe. They have so many options for coffee and their latte art is spectacular! I love… Continue reading My favorite latte arts

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But FIRST coffee

San Francisco has a lot of coffee places, and really nice ones! I love coffee (as you may already know), so I appreciate discovering new tastes and flavors, but I also like pairing it with a good pastry or a nice breakfast. I recently discovered this new place called Vive la Tarte. Located in the middle… Continue reading But FIRST coffee


5 petites choses du quotidien

Je voulais partager avec vous cinq petites choses qui constituent mon quotidien.  Ne pouvant pas travailler pour le moment, à cause du statut de mon visa actuel (qui me permet seulement de résider aux Etats-Unis), j’ai du construire un nouveau quotidien, un nouveau rythme de vie en journée. Je n’ai jamais eu vraiment de problèmes… Continue reading 5 petites choses du quotidien