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A Michelin star experience

Hi everyone, I hope that you are doing well! I wanted to talk to you today about my recent experience eating at a one Michelin star restaurant in the Bay Area. As you know, I am a foodie, a food lover, but I am also really passionate about delicate, fine, and aesthetic food.  I have… Continue reading A Michelin star experience

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Colorful, and healthy spot in LA

Hello everyone! How was your four-day weekend? I hope you had a blast for the 4th of July! Personally, I decided to drive to Los Angeles, for a last minute road trip adventure! I have been to the City of Angels several times, so I have a better sense of where to go, and what… Continue reading Colorful, and healthy spot in LA

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My favorite spot in Los Angeles

I love going to Los Angeles, it's a quick flight from San Francisco, and nothing better than enjoying the beach and new trendy spots that always open in LA! As a foodie myself, LA is full of amazing places! My last discovery will stay one of my favorite for a long time! This place called… Continue reading My favorite spot in Los Angeles